STAYCOOLNYC Is a Retro-Futuristic Chillwear Brand based out of NYC and founded in 2015 by Amin Adjmi. The goal from the start was to stand out from the rest of the industry and develop a brand with its own unique aesthetic and identity. The term Chillwear was pioneered to help identify the clothing and establish a new genre of fashion.


 Chillwear is a category of clothing that we have introduced into the market that encompasses Surf, Skate, and Streetwear into effortless and comfortable pieces you can throw on wherever and whenever. Whether you are hanging out at home, going for a walk, or grabbing food with friends, we want our products to be a go-to for people to casually throw on.

STAYCOOL is heavily inspired by the retro style, culture, and aesthetic of the past. We strive to create a consistent & vibrant look which falls perfectly in line with our brand identity, clothing and vision. We curate all our product & content to portray a sense of nostalgia & positivity, evoking the feeling you had when you were a kid!

STAYCOOL strives to put a futuristic twist on the fashion of the past. Our future goals include growing the STAYCOOL brand throughout many different sectors. We know the opportunities are endless, stay tuned for what's to come!