About Us

In 2015, Amin Adjmi started selling his retro-futuristic chillwear brand, STAYCOOLNYC, from the trunk of his car at Boston University.

Chillwear, a genre pioneered by Adjmi, is a category of clothing that combines surf, skate, and streetwear into one. Whether you’re lounging at home, hanging with friends, or thrifting your local vintage shop, our effortless and comfortable pieces can be thrown on wherever you go.

Inspired by retro style and culture, STAYCOOL strives to put a futuristic twist on the fashion of the past. Built on positivity and nostalgia, our products and content are meant to evoke the feeling of being a kid again.

With our identifiable designs and multidisciplinary approach, we are embedding STAYCOOL’s brand identity into many different fields including hospitality, transportation, interior design, and countless other sectors. From rugs and accessories to hoodies and home goods, STAYCOOL’s vibrant aesthetic has already been infused into an array of products.